Best Southeast Asia Destinations that Match your Character

Travel to the East and unsure about where to go? Match one or many from our Southeast Asia destination list to your favor and personal style!


If you own a curious heart towards different culture, unsolved travel resolution and dream for sweet little things from whenever you go, meet up with 50 shades of Southeast Asian colors through human, architecture and gourmet glasses.

Where you go:

Travel packages for you:


  • New culture discovery from different angles (Myanmar on hot-air balloon, Vietnam on Jeep, Cambodia on bamboo train)
  • Timeless tracks onto hidden houses, temples and local life (Hanoi’s age-old buildings, Angkor temple complex, Bangkok floating markets)
  • Ultimate food tasting from dusk ‘till dawn (street food, vendor shops, fine-dining places, fusion restaurants, night markets)
  • ‘Drinking-good’ time like locals (morning milk tea in Myanmar, lunch fruit-juice in Thailand, afternoon coffee in Laos, evening local beer in Vietnam)
  • New platforms of traditional values and contemporary art blending together
  • Photogenic footages from iconic sites, local people, street vendors, architectures

Matching accommodations:

Luxury: Metropole, Avani, Anatara

Boutique: La Siesta, Aviary, Little Group Hotel

Homestay & Ecolodge: Garden houses, hosted house


If you are a calm, reserved sweetheart for flowers, trees, animals, Mother Nature’s beautiful, loosen up and wander in the vigorous sunlight, charming wind and astonishing significances offered by the great Southeast Asia.

Where you go:

Travel packages for you:


  • Magnificent sunset/sunrise amidst natural settings
  • Family-friendly programs even for small children at different locations
  • Soothing time to set your mind free while taking composed pace along the greens
  • Meaningful lessons from animal daycare, tree-planting or beach-cleaning
  • Cozy stay and visit at hosted house between captivating landscapes
  • Instagramable photo features for your social media timeline
Matching accommodations:

Luxury: 4 River Lodges, Emeralda Ninh Binh, Rosewood, 4 Season Camping, Sintamani Siem Reap

Boutique: Mai Chau Ecolodge, Topas Ecolodge

Homestay: Ninh Binh, Mai Chau, Mekong


If you are bold, more to physical pattern and unafraid of trying something new, be our champions while participating in outgoing experiential travel challenges!

Where you go:

Travel packages for you:


  • Exciting plans and your exclusive ideas to revel in off-the-beaten-track roads
  • Continuous trips from inland to river, then archipelago site with authentic local experiences
  • Energy booster for lazy-hearts when taking part in wide range of outdoor activities (kayaking, cycling, trekking or climbing)
  • Great chance to befriend with strangers from individual physical challenges (bicycle group in Cambodia, Vespa join-in in Thailand, local boat in Myanmar)
  • Opportunity to get closer with locals as staying at their house, one-day becoming fisherman, craftsman or farmer
  • Unique means of transportations throughout daytrip (quad bike in Cambodia, bamboo boat in Vietnam, zip-line in Laos, tuk-tuk in Thailand)
Matching accommodations:

Luxury: Raffles Hotels, Beige Camp, Glamping

Boutique Hotels & Cruise: Bolaven Coffee Lodge, Pandaw Cruise

Homestay: Mountain bungalows, Pu Luong Retreat


If you need privacy and relaxation elements for your vacation to ease the intense stress from daily life, think no more and rejoice while having some leisure moments sitting on a sundeck chair, sipping from delightful cocktail glass and lying all day long with calming waves, vibrant sun and white smooth sand happen next to you. Because you deserve it!

Where you go:

Travel packages for you:


  • Healing spa treatments with diverse techniques from each region (Thai massage, Shiatsu, Balinese massage, Vietnamese massage, hot rocks, aroma)
  • Wonderful beach time to get tanned, swim all day long, kayak, snorkel and enjoy the tropical life
  • Luxury stay and fine-dining services at beachfront resorts all around Southeast Asia
  • Private party and celebration services for your special occassions
  • Refreshing walking tours through island and city iconic destinations
  • Meaningful workshops from local traditional villages

Matching accommodations:

Luxury: Keemala Phuket, Nam Nghi Phu Quoc, Songsaa Island Resort, 6 Senses Hotels 

Boutique: The Charm Resort

Homestay: House villa, beachfront mansions

PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr, Pinterest, mentioned hotels & resorts


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