Awaken Your Senses

The way we interact with the world is determined by our senses. And our most memorable experiences are not merely ones that stimulate these gateways, but overwhelm them. At Sens Asia we develop customized tours based on this philosophy, to help people experience Asia with all of its textures and flavors. So let us stimulate your taste buds, bring music to your ears, provide a feast for your eyes and touch your heart. Come on a journey with us.

Taste the Culture

Enjoy one of our small group tours, ‘See All Eat Well’, with weekly departures available. Get your chopsticks ready, farewell your local Asian restaurant and come and try the real thing.

See the Authentic

If you want to see beyond the average tourist’s experience and explore the true heart of Asia, then our Original Asia tours are perfect for you.

Heal the Body & Mind

Asia has a strong-rooted history in soothing the body and mind with practices like yoga and meditation. Experience wellness traditions right in their spiritual home.