Cambodia Inspiring Trip Ideas

As a fascinating place where ancient and modern worlds intersect, any trip to Cambodia is guaranteed to be diverse and memorable. In the northern part of the Cambodia surrounding Siem Reap lie the beautiful ruins of the mighty Khmer empire; including the awe-inspiring temple Angkor Wat – the jewel in the country’s crown. In the lively capital Phnom Penh, a sprawling street food scene thrives among stunning pagodas, the majestic Royal Palace, and bustling markets. The south, on the other hand, boasts a tropical beach paradise with the gorgeous Sihanoukville at its heart, just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque white-sand islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem.

If you have not considered a vacation in Cambodia before, now is the time. Sens Asia Travel has crafted a variety of Cambodia holiday packages to suit myriad needs: whether it’s ‘off the beaten track’-type adventures, authentic experiences with locals, tasty traditional food or relaxation that grabs you.

Step into the past

We have a range of ‘must-see’ Cambodia packages for those who want to marvel at the most famous sights. Our four-day ‘See All Eat Well Siem Reap’ tour will take you to the incredible Angkor Wat as well as its neighboring temples and you’ll get to try the exquisite Cambodian cuisine heavily influenced by Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese flavors. [ see less ][…]

Tap into local life

More and more travelers crave authentic experiences with locals, rather sticking to tourist trails. We can bring you a unique local experience on your Cambodia trip with packages like our ‘Cambodia Rural Life’ tour, where you’ll immerse yourself in the daily life of a farmer: helping in the fields, preparing an evening meal and staying overnight at a homestay in Krobey Real Village. [ see less ][…]

Treat yourself

For those of you craving a bit of luxury during your getaway, we can design a bespoke Cambodia holiday package based around your needs. ‘Four Rivers Floating Eco Lodge’ is an amazing place to stay if you’re after something quaint and lovely with a touch of extravagance. The hide-away river lodge offers peaceful seclusion, privacy, and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle. Or perhaps Song Saa takes your fancy, a private resort on its own island. Whatever you need to have a perfect holiday in Cambodia, we can meet them to ensure you return from your vacation feeling relaxed and refreshed. [ see less ][…]