Must-read Bali Weather Guide for First-time Travelers

Situated in the tropical region, Bali weather is always divided into two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. Each season has its own set of characteristics and, therefore, the best time for you to travel to Bali will totally depend on what you want to do during your holiday. In overall, the temperature in Bali throughout the year does not fluctuate too much and its average temperature is quite stable from 27ºC to 30ºC.

Bali’s Wet season

The wet season in Bali begins at the end of October and lasts until the following April. During this period, December and January are really vibrant months for Bali’s calendar because it has many amazing festivals; the rest is a more humble time for the island. The atmosphere is relaxed and lazy, the humidity is at its highest point and there are fluctuations between moody rainstorms that soak the island to warm steamy days with cloudless skies.

What to do during the wet season

Despite the rain, the humidity, shirt-stuck-to-your-chest time of year, there are many unique activities that you can do if you travel to Bali at this time. Several among the top recommended options for this weather include Hatha Yoga, soothing massages and spa treatments in Ubud or adventurous surfing through the perfect wildest wave on the Bali’ east coast.

Moreover, the Nyepi holiday, also called the “silent day”, is one of the biggest festivals in Bali and occurs in March. During this time, locals turn off electricity, keep away from outdoor activities and stay indoors for an entire day to allow themselves the opportunity to self-reflect. Tourists, therefore, are expected to follow suit. Local people believe that if the island is silent and everyone is indoors, evil spirits will mistakenly think that the island is empty and move on.

Bali’s Dry season

The dry season of Bali occurs between the months of May and September. This half of the year is always a favorite for both locals and tourists alike as everyone loves to enjoy the bright sunny days and lower humidity levels.

It is also the busiest time of year for tourism on the island in particularly July, August and September as the humidity is low and the rainfall minimal. The energetic atmosphere of the dry season can help build momentum and excitement in every outdoor activity, making for a comfortable albeit more expensive time to travel to Bali.

However, if you want to experience a less crowded, more tranquil Bali, then April – May is the best time to go as rain becomes less frequent at the end of wet season. Moreover, April and May are also the low season for tourism in Bali, thus hotel prices, tours, and airfares are expected to be much more reasonable.

What to do during the dry season

Not surprisingly, this is the most popular time for outdoor activities (surfing, scuba diving and so on) in Bali. Volcano trekking in this season is also a good choice if you want a bit of adventure, the breathtaking views and the sense of achievement when reaching the summit. The climb should begin early in the morning in order to speculate the sunset on the summit. Three of the best volcanoes to climb are Mount Batur, Mount Agung, and Mount Rinjani. In the night, you can choose to enjoy the amazing dinner with candlelight on the beach.

In addition to its unique culture and festivities, Bali also brings on the Kite Festival during this season. It is a beautiful Hindu event that honors the highly revered craft of kite making and flying. Held annually in July at Padang Galak, Sanur Beach, this international festival is a remarkable occasion and not to be missed if you’re visiting Bali at this time

Bali weather in summary

Despite having a 6-month long wet season, Bali has always been on the top ranking in most holiday destination bucket lists with the sun shining and endless waves waiting for the eager surfers/ beach lovers. With the diversity of outdoor activities and unique festivals, you will always find exciting things to do as you travel Bali any time during the year.

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