Updating On The Warnings About Mount Agung Bali Indonesia

1. The alert level for the Mount Agung Bali volcano remains at Level IV (Red – Awas) which is the highest level before an actual eruption. This alert is issued by the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) and means an eruption is imminent. It remains at level 4 out of 4 today ( 29 Sept)

The airport of Bali is operating as normal now, no issue has been reported. The main effect to tourists is the eastern area of Bali is blocked by the authority.

Sepy on September 27 – Image @Huong Nguyen3. Incorrect reports recently indicated that lava spitting occurred on the Amed side (East Bali) of the mountain, together with stone showers. THESE EVENTS WERE NOT CONFIRMED. Some of these reports were based on “eyewitness” posts on social media but have been since apparently deleted. Some were based on the capricious hacking of official government sites by persons unknown. However, as tremor readings are continuing to increase, for now, it means that pressure is continuing to build. This MAY signal the main eruption yet to come if the cap in the main crater gives way.

Kuta Beach on September 27 Image @Huong Nguyen

4. Visitors to Bali and more particularly your relatives and friends, who think their flights may be affected, should check directly with their agent or airline. TV news reports last night erroneously reported that flights have been canceled. Airlines do not cancel flights unless VONA or Ash-NOTA bulletins indicate that certain flight paths may be dangerous. Travelers will suffer a financial penalty if they unilaterally cancel in a hasty panic, and their travel insurance may not cover them unless it is the airline that re-schedules their flights. Also, remember that Mount Agung Bali is about 72 kilometers north-east of the airport. Prevailing low-level winds are currently blowing towards the north-west, BUT higher-altitude winds are towards the south-west, towards the airport.

Predictions ?

All in all, it is impossible to predict the coming events. Neither a person nor government agency neither an international body will give a statement whether or not the Agung volcano will erupt much less indicating when. Indonesia has excellent geological institutions, but they do not excel in disseminating information to an international audience. We will monitor their findings and share them with you as good as possible. We furthermore rely on live reports from individuals such as Rio Helmi, the respected Ubudian photographer/filmmaker and other individuals that we deem trustworthy.


Of course, we will update you immediately when the situation evolves, notably if and when and an eruption eventually would take place. But this remains uncertain for the moment. Hence we cannot advise anybody to cancel their trip. Apart from the areas next to the “danger zone” in a radius of about 12 km around the mountain, the situation is absolutely normal and travel takes place as usual.

Our Clients are in Bali now

Even in those above-mentioned areas, there is not much more to witness than increased traffic. It is not as if certain parts of Bali have been overwhelmed with refugees. Government agencies are doing a relatively good job of providing temporally shelter and food for those that have been evacuated. The only tourist activity that is affected, are the dive centers in East Bali (Tulamben, Kubu), the temple of Besakih, Tirtagannga Water Palace, Ujung Water Palace, the city of Karangasem)

Go or Cancel

At the moment September 27th, 2017 the safe sight is still ON until further update

It is good to remind all of you that it is absolutely necessary to buy adequate insurance cover. While Sens Asia Travel will do all to reschedule clients that will be visiting the affected area in the no-go radius of 12 km around Mount Agung,

For updates on the situation, you may want  to visit the relevant page of the Bali Tourism Board at:


Meanwhile, our local office actively supports various initiatives to assist the evacuees, most people of a poorer descent.

Updated from Mount Agung Bali, Indonesia

Mr. Marc Jacobs

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