Vietnam Travel Guide: Ideas for Upcoming Birthday

Birthday month is incoming and ready for a trip to the East? Let’s celebrate your own event in a unique way and make lots of compelling memories with Sens Asia 4 must-dos in Vietnam! We have recently hosted many birthday trips for large friend groups and families from 8 to 50 members. No word can fully describe all the fun and fascinating memories.

1. Scooter around the Old Quarter like a Hanoian

We admit that Vietnam’s busy never-stopping streets are a bit frightening to many newbie adventurers, yet, isn’t overcoming the inner fear a best way to enjoy life? A self-ride or back-seat stretch through Hanoi’s age-old narrow streets on motorbike can be the best remedy for your phobia and experiential birthday gift added to travel bucket list. Furthermore, motorbike ride is seemingly a trick forthcoming to local hearts and beauties. You would have chance exploring the hidden houses within unseen alleys, tasting amazing street foods from random shops/ rooftop cafes or buying cool stuffs at uncrowded shopping havens.

One day in Hanoi

  • Group size: 6 – 12 pax
  • Tour info: 4 hours, local guide included, private tour
  • Activities to fill-in: Morning egg-coffee, railway walkthrough, Vietnamese sweet food tasting, home cooking class, jazz club chill-out
  • Where to visit: The Old-Quarter, iconic Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi’s Opera House, the West Lake


2. Charter a Halong Bay Cruise like a royalty

Have seen so many joy and teary happiness through wedding on board photos and internally been jealous with the lovey-dovey couple? We suggest you to wait no longer till that day of life’s new chapter, just call your beloved ones or groupies and book a trip visiting Halong Bay. In daylight, let’s rock the sport fun and beach visit with kayaking, trekking to top the Bay or sunbathing for a dream tan. Without worries after nightfall, you can 100% enjoy the royal birthday with sundeck party, dim lights, romantic music, sweet-scented candles, rose petal flush, giant glitter balloons and red carpet theme. If staying on board is just too ordinary, move your party to the beach as it is totally private and safe.

Halong Bay Cruise

  • Best time for outdoor celebration: December – May
  • Prestigious cruise line: Bhaya Legend Cruises, The Au Co
  • Suggested itinerary for group travel: 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights (1 night in Hanoi)
  • Suggested price: Please contact our journey planners for reasonable charter rates

3. Have lunch along the coastline like a local family member

If Vietnam belongs to your travel fantasy, you must have known Hue, the citadel city with magnificent historical icons and famous Huong River. But beyond the popular visit, 30-minute crossing Hai Van Pass, there’s a tranquil path leading to a peaceful heaven, wherein you can stay half-day for lunch, local meet and sight-seeing.  While in Lang Co Lagoon, all your senses will be fully awakened, withstanding the tremendous beauty of from natural landscapes, floating boats daily fishing until sunset. . As mentioned, the highlight part is a cozy lunch hosted in a stilt house situated on water surface. Here, try the delicious fresh seafood, homemade dishes and share unforgettable moments with the landlord family.

Daytime experience starting from the citadel city

  • Transportation: Car, local boat
  • Duration: 4 hours including 30-minute transfer from Hue
  • Suggested itinerary: Stay overnight in Hue. Next morning, you will head to Lang Co Lagoon by private car and immediately get on board, floating along the clear panoramic water landscapes. At noon, having lunch in a stilt house and later, come back to the hotel by car
  • Safety notes: The water remains calm in most time of the year so no need to worry for seasick. Bring a long sunscreen, comfortable shoes , extra clothes and hat just incase

 4. Stay in Phu Quoc Island for extensive time like an explorer

Visiting Vietnam, you cannot miss that perfect flee reaching stunning islands and beautiful coastal beaches from North to South. For B-day idea, Phu Quoc might do the justice as you will find all-in-all inspirations there, a touch of leisurely relaxation, a slice of peace and romance or some extra fun and adventurous elements, bunch of lifetime memories. It is a perfect stay in a luxury accommodation near the seashores with fantastic dining and soul-healing treatments (spa, yoga sessions), a magnificent sunset view at beach tent comprised after a long trekking day around lush wild mountains, where you slowly sip your coconut juice then dance to the sandy wind and calm waves music, or, half-day living under the sea, to snorkel/ scuba dive through natural coral creations and refreshing cool water. At night, let’s celebrate by a long and a bit tipsy night under moonlight with partners or beloved friends. In Phu Quoc, your birthday is completely able to reach the “’living your fullest” life motto. Why not?

Phu Quoc – Paradise for adventurers and leisure participants

  • Travelers’ choice for accommodations: Fusion Resort, Vinpearl Resort, Nam Nghi Resort
  • Extension trip: Fly to Cambodia for another 3-day Angkor visit
  • Activities: Trekking, sea-plane sightseeing, garden BBQ party, scuba diving or snorkeling
  • Visa tip: All nationalities traveling directly to Phu Quoc Island can visit the island for 30 days visa-free. To do this you will need to show an outbound ticket on arrival in Vietnam


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