Vietnam Issues E-Visa to 35 More Countries

Citizens of 35 countries will be able to apply for 30-day, single-entry Vietnam e-visas starting from February 1, 2019.

Here are the list of the nations whose citizens are eligible to apply for e-visas to Vietnam:

1. Austria

2. Iceland

3. Belgium

4. Portugal

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

6. Brazil

7. Qatar

8. Andorra

9. Liechtenstein

10. Monaco

11. Croatia

12. Estonia

13. Fiji

14. Georgia

15. Latvia

16. Lithiuania

17. Malta

18. Macedonia

19. Micronesia

20. Mexico

21. Moldova

22. Montenegro

23. Nauru

24. Palau

25. Papua New Guinea

26. Marshall Islands

27. Salomon Islands

28. San Marino

29. Cyprus

30. Switzerland

31, China (applicable to Hong Kong and Macau passport holders)

32. Vanuatu

33. Western Samoa

34. Serbia

35. Slovenia

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