Tropical Fruits Blind Tasting – Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam is definitely the heaven of tropical fruits. The all-year-round heat nurtures and sweetens so many kinds of tropical fruits in Vietnam with extremely different in colors, shapes, and flavors.

A journey to this land seems not to be complete without tasting these goodnesses, and to make the best out of this experience, let’s do it in a fun and full of surprises way.

Start in one of the most authentic and iconic local markets in Hanoi, the Hang Be market, where you will witness an explosion of things-to-do, colorful movements, and absolutely “a smell of open kitchen” . Give your trust to your escorts, they will lead you to experience a new way of sensing the environment around you.

Let your sight rest and see things in a different way, just using your other senses. First, a street vendor will challenge you to find a tropical fruit out of some others similarly shaped just by touching it. Then you will visit a fruit stall where you’ll receive a tray full of some of the tastiest tropical delight fruits. Texture and subtle flavors will come to out while you touch, smell and taste the fruits. You might be surprised that since sight is the sense you’ve mostly used for all your life, you have forgotten how beautiful things are bloom when you discover things with your other senses.

Continue to discover the market and enjoy more fun with the local vendors. Warp the walk up with a coffee break where you bean is freshly grinded and poor over. People tell us, after this trip where they see tropical fruits anywhere, that all the scent and flavor of those fruits came back vividly as well as the memories of that warm day in Hang Be market, it’s true that when you embrace life with all of your senses, you give memories a chance to capture things in much deeper way

Blind Tasting of Tropical Fruits in Vietnam - Things to do in Vietnam

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