Sens Asia’s Team and Community Commitments

Sens Asia’s Team Commitments are to:

  • Provide a free and fair working environment for all our team members that include opportunities to progress
  • Give all employees have the opportunity to provide feedback about how they feel about working for the company a non-discriminatory environment
  • Include the raising of our team members’ awareness of our collective impact on the environment, as well as to provide solutions on how to mitigate same
  • Provide annual training on environmental awareness & health and safety at work
  • Encourage employees to partake in working groups to help shape and drive the sustainability focus throughout the business
  • Provide opportunities to partake in social activities through the HG Foundation
  • Compile quarterly internal reports on how the business is progressing on its sustainability goals and objectives
  • Allow all employees access to the annual sustainability report

Sens Asia’s Community Commitments are to:

  • Provide upliftment either directly by operating community-based tourism projects, or indirectly by connecting organizations to projects of choice
  • Leave no impact that could adversely effect on the communities we visit
  • Ensure that our guests and guides act in a responsible and well-respected manner through local interactions
  • Promote tours that encourage participation in the local economy
  • Enable cultural preservation by promoting tours to sites that hold historical importance
  • Educate our guests on the “do”s and “don’t”s when interacting with local communities