Sens Asia’s Partner, Consumer and Financial Commitments

Sens Asia’s Partner Commitments are to:

  • Communicate our sustainability policy to all our suppliers and where possible have a collective approach
  • Carry out an ongoing review and audit through annual inspection visits
  • Give preference to accommodations, agents and other suppliers that follow a sustainability program
  • Support such entities with their programs by sharing best practice and ideas
  • Promote shop and eat local wherever we possible to ensure that the revenue is directed into the local economies

 Sens Asia’s Consumer Commitments are to:

  • Provide accurate information on the destinations we visit so clients can make an informed decision
  • Provide sustainable travel and accommodation options wherever possible
  • Provide an opportunity to all guests to offset the carbon of their holidays
  • Provide a visitor’s guide of how to interact when visiting culturally sensitive areas
  • Give an opportunity to make donations to help improve socio and environmental circumstances in the destination

Sens Asia’s Financial Commitments are to:

  • Make the financial resources available to achieve the objectives in this document
  • Conduct a quarterly board review to assess the suitability of funds available
  • Adjust spend where necessary to accommodate the sustainability vision of the company