Sens Asia’s Internal and External Environmental Commitments

Sens Asia’s Internal Environmental Commitments are to:

  • Measure the organization’s carbon emissions with a view of reducing and offsetting it
  • Promote cycling and car share as a way to minimize the impact from travel to work emissions
  • Use only paper that comes from a certified sustainable source
  • Reduce paper usage by printing double sided and reviewing all our printing processes
  • Implement a printing system that reduces the ink used
  • Print brochures using a company that is certified in sustainability
  • Reduce our water consumption by using dual flush with reduced capacity water systems
  • Use environmentally products/chemicals wherever possible
  • Reduce the use of plastic and other forms of environmentally unfriendly packaging
  • Monitor our achievements through our GREENcard, making recommendations for improvements and sharing it monthly with our teams
  • Use only energy efficient equipment that includes low energy lights
  • Provide an E-waste recycling point in our office
  • Define a company travel policy to use the most effective transport options internally and externally

Sens Asia’s External Environmental Commitments are to:

  • Only offer tours that respect the biodiversity of the areas we visit
  • Ensure there is no lasting impact on the environment from any excursions we offer – where by chance such an impact may occur we commit to investing funds to restore any imbalance that has been created
  • Carry out an ongoing review all of the experiences that offer interactions with animals in the wild and the care of rehabilitation centers to ensure no harm is brought to same
  • Not offer any unnatural animal experiences such as tiger petting, elephant riding, swimming with dolphins or circus like acts
  • Ensure no wildlife harvesting takes place on any excursions that fall outside of the law or contravenes the CITES convention
  • Support interventions where environmental issues are identified through the HG Foundation