Laughing Yoga with Mr. Vinh

Happiness for everybody


Differently from other cities in the world, Hanoi wakes up very early. People, both young and older, get out their homes before the dawn and head to parks, squares and many corners of the city. The city has been changing a lot in the past 20 years due to its modernization but some traditions remain the same and the morning routine still keeps the ancient Hanoi alive.

We suggest you to make an effort and get out of bed early. You won’t be disappointed with the lively Hanoi in front of your eyes. Some people are doing Tai Chi, the youngers are practicing morning exercises and yoga. Some are immersing in the melody and rhythm of a tango or salsa, others are just standing together and laughing out loud “Ho ho haha”… Yes! They are just standing and laughing out loud and repeat it again and again mixing the laughter with some physical exercises of Tai Chi. Looks weird? This is the club “Laughing Yoga”, a new kind of yoga found by Indian Master Madan Kataria and brought to Vietnam not so long ago.


Vinh, the club’s leader, has always been an introverted guy. Since his young age he found quite hard to socialize, however this hasn’t stopped him from helping the community and the others.

Working as a nurse for 4 years he tried to find a way to help people feel more happy, then they could cure health problem themselves, but all the experiment turned out to be complete failure that left him upset and sleepless for months.

Eventually he saw a light down the tunnel when one day he got invited to join a training course of Laughing Yoga. His passion for social work and the discovery of Laughing Yoga completely changed his life. Vinh finally found not only his own space, but also his true value among the people who have been helped and inspired by him. He’s been now practicing yoga for 6 years, every day with different people from various communities where he can do some good for the people around him. And for himself too.

Be a Laughter means to be full of fun and energy. You can’t imagine the friendliness of local people without joining their game. Member of the clubs will invite you in, honestly, they will help you to practice the yoga in a very easy way. You will also feel like being home with your best neighbors while holding hands of the friendly Hanoian. Then you might think you already know this city for your whole life.



So why don’t you make an effort, get up in the early morning and come to experience this unique activity and get to know the real Hanoi, Vinh, our expert, will guide you how to be happier and to load full of energy every morning, this is without doubt a life-changing experience.
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