The language of needle and thread


Ever since she could hold a needle, Tram’s grandmother taught her to stitch so that she in turn fell in love with the creative process of merging designs, textures and colors to create master pieces. After school she started working as a graphic designer but never quite experienced the same fulfillment she did from embroidery. She was reminded frequently of her love for the art form through the 17 steps she identified to pursuing her passion full-time.

When her father passed away, suddenly it made Tram reflect on what is important and how short life is and she knew if she ever had a hope of pursuing her dreams she had to do it now. She quit her job and took up a freelance assignment in Paris, which allowed her to enroll at Ecole Lesage Paris. Finally she was getting closer to realizing her personal ambitions.

After returning to Vietnam she settled in the ancient town of Hoi An. The ambiance forged in rich cultural tradition fusing with subtle western influences made this an artists mecca. It felt right and she was feeling at home so she set up her shop Meo Meo Atelier in the town. Along her journey she made many friends from all over the world and learnt new skills like; eco-dye techniques from a Swiss artist, lace crochet from an old lady in Crete, she worked with batik indigo and hemp in Sapa Vietnam, visited a silk village in the forest of Angkor Cambodia, attended a textile course in Australia and collected hand-woven yarn from Tibet… Especially she’s an on-going student of Vietnamese master artisans in traditional embroidery. All of this served to fuel her self-belief and make the passion grow stronger.


They all had one thing in common, their love for embroidery. She learnt a great deal from them and they were all too happy to share their knowledge with this enthusiastic and talented young woman. One old gentleman made her really think and in a way defined her artistic direction when he told her ‘You have to get inspired by everyday life’. She found her inspiration as her style developed into a contemporary expression with a hint of folk embroidery.
‘Embroidery is an art that encompasses culture, history, nature, memories and love. My biggest wish is to share my passion and knowledge of this, to create heirlooms that preserve the golden days of our culture, and delight generations to come’ says Tram. ‘Life in Hoi An is inspiring, full of happiness and hope.’ She concludes.

Everybody who is in love with the exotic town also loves Tram’s opuses in which she commemorates the tranquility of life as experienced by the locals, the colorful chaos of the market, traditional festivals, the celebrations every full moon, and the warm-hearted people in my village… through the language of needle and thread.

You too can experience the magic of Meo Meo Atelier and Tram. She is just a flight away.