Art of seeing



“Pulling everything together in those few crucial seconds to get what it is I see already in my mind…despite the crush of people around me, whether they are people on the street, art directors, clients or a substantial film crew” – Rafael once shared his thoughts with us.

Awake your sense of “seeing things” may sound strange since we see all the things, all the time, but maybe it’s not hundred percent true, we still learn to see from time to time.


About the expert

Rafael Winer started his career as a fashion designer in Paris. As a member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild he worked as a motion picture stills photographer on over forty feature films, TV episodes and commercial in the USA, Mexico and Asia.  His work was very fulfilling but he wanted to take it a step further.

Having spent half his life abroad he wanted to combine his work with his love of traveling. There were just too many places to see and he intended to see as many as he can. He considers himself very fortunate to be able to do so and he is currently travel documentaries and commercials in Cambodia.


He notes ‘I only do tours by special request as it helps me maintain that personal contact with people from a point where I want to do it and I appreciate the moment in which I can help them create a memory. It never becomes a job as for me that’s not real. I love to help with them with their cameras, to find the right setting, the right angle. Most people don’t understand how to use the cameras they own and are surprised with what you can do with them if you know’

What a better way to experience the majesty of the temples of Angkor than with a professional photographer. Rafael will guide you to the best spots for that perfect shot. Let him worry about the lighting and compositions whilst you happily click away capturing unforgettable moments that will make your friends green with envy.


Exchanging Hollywood for Siem Riep has been an easy choice as it allows the artistry to blossom to another level. A tour with Rafael is surely to be an unforgettable experience as he delights with his skills and stories alike.

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