Lymy healing with singing bowl

Sound from snowy Himalayas

Who am I?

My name is Lymy, I am a Dentist who has more than 15 years working with Western Medicine, in an environment which requires everything to be scientifically evidence-based. It is probably one of the harshest and most stressful environments, explaining why in the United States, the highest suicide rate belongs to us, the Dentists. I have spent a long time living without knowing the joy and purpose of my life.



The Himalayas and Singing bowl

There is a place on earth named The Himalayas that makes people feel happy, without a reason, just by visiting it. Whenever I needed a buoy for my tough life, I went there and wondered to myself what those mountains, those flamboyant flags, those chanting sounds hid inside them that made me feel so peaceful. And on the path to find the mantras for my body and soul calmness, the Singing bowl came to me like an unexpected encounter. The snowy mountains have gifted me, sincerely and exhilaratingly, the Singing bowl as a present.



I was taught by a very reputed teacher. And behind him was the famous long-hair Guru in Nepal, who, daily and on an exact time, never forgot to remind me of my vegetarianism and my 15-minute meditation in the morning and evening. I think because I am the chosen one, I learned quite fast and did not encounter many obstacles. With a modern medical background, I approached the Singing bowl not merely as the “Miracle of the Buddhas” but also as a therapy proven by modern medicine.


Healing with Singling Bowl in Vietnam

Modern medicine only reveals a very small part about the physical and mental aspects of us human being. While the ancient arts and medicine on The Himalayas have mastered and applied them from thousands of years ago.



One day, I suddenly realized that I was “healed” thanks to the Singing bowl. The dream of a healthy and young body and a clear mind is a permanent dream of human being, and the Singing bowl is the tool for us to achieve it.

The Vietnamese people are also the children of The Himalayas, living at the bottom of the snowy mountains before they reach to sea, as my teacher once said. So I decided to bring the Singing bowl therapy to Vietnam to help the people there.


Why you should choose the Singing bowl

When you get sick, you take medicine. When you hurt, you inject painkillers. The pain is gone, but soon will come back. The therapy with the Singing bowl will gradually lift your body to the health level that you may have possessed but lost. You need time to strengthen it.



Some people coming to Om healing have their senses enhanced greatly after only one treatment. It is a very good sign showing that your body is slowly recovering. However, the Singing bowl is not an analgesic to be able to eliminate your pain after a single dose. That is how Healing is like.

Life is too hasty; there are not many times people stop to see how it affects their natural body, and what to do to recover the lost things. Many people come to me with constant sleeplessness, lack of concentration, or psychological traces that cannot be self-removed.

The Singing bowl will gradually calibrate the imbalanced body, by both its sound and vibration, bringing you into a state of “meditation” but at bedtime. Many people said to me that it has been so long since they have had such a nice sleep. And it has been such a long time that I see myself that worthy.

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