Photo tour with Julie Vola

Make your trip to be unforgettable

I met Julie for the first time in one of her photography workshops. That day we were in dark and narrow alley in the heart of the Old Quarter in Hanoi. What caught my attention at first was the fact that she didn’t have any big or professional camera, she was simply holding a small, old one and a smartphone. Pretty unusual for a photographer, I thought. However, waving her phone up and down, she was giving precious tips on how to take good pictures with your phone. Checking the results of our shots and looking at her eyes lightened with love I immediately recognized that she was an artist. A really talented one.


French born, Julie moved to Vietnam in 2010 driven by the curiosity to dig in her family’s past and those pictures of Vietnam left her by grandfather.  After 6 years in Hanoi, Julie doesn’t seem to have lost her energetic smile and those dreamy eyes and she is convinced, now more than ever, that moving to Vietnam was her life’s best decision.

Wonder why? ‘Vietnam is not only a place full of stories but also of people willing to share them. That’s why I fell in love with this place’, explained Julie in her project called ‘Recalling Hanoi’, a set of pictures in which people explore their past, recalling their memories of certain landscapes across the city.

‘Vietnam, especially in particular seasons, donates a unique color range of light sublime for portraits,  and almost surreal landscapes’. But that’s not it. Julie is strongly convinced that the real power of photography is that it ‘teaches you how to see, not only to focus on the subject but to pay attention to the infinite details around it. Vietnam is a magic and poetic place, it’s perfect for photography’.

Julie’s focuses on the real face of Vietnam, where the real poetry lies. Everyday situations and common people in their daily routines reflect the authenticity of Vietnam, something that you must witness in order to understand and fully appreciate. ‘That’s the real face of Vietnam, my favorite’.

“Light is the most important elements in photography.  When you take a picture of an object, or a subject, that means you capture the light on it. Different light means different pictures, but also different emotions”. That’s how Julie started her workshop. She threw in a simple and basic key aspect of photography I didn’t even think about until then.  Here you go your first tip. Julie’s workshops are full of these tips in a really friendly and easygoing environment. No fancy camera required, all you need is your curiosity and the will to capture great moments of your travels strolling around with Julie.

Julie runs photography workshops, courses and tours covering specific areas and subjects like pagodas, markets, lakes and streets. This is not only a chance to see the city but to live it too. Tours usually take place in particular areas Hanoi, not necessarily touristic spots but mainly places suitable for different photography styles, theme and subjects.

You only need a couple of hours tour with Julie to take your photo skills to a new level. This mix of relax, fun and exploring time it’s the perfect way to make memories in digital format. But that’s not it. In the tour you will not only take pictures but also work on the composition and camera settings before you head to a cozy coffee shop for some feedbacks and tips from our expert. If you want your trip in Asia to be unforgettable, my friend, come join us in the ultimate Hanoi photo tour.