Lymy healing with singing bowl

When you get sick, you take medicine. When you hurt, you inject painkillers. The pain is gone but soon will come back. The therapy with the Singing bowl will gradually lift your body to the health level that you may have possessed but lost. The Singing bowl will gradually calibrate the imbalanced body, by both its sound and vibration, bringing you into a state of “meditation” but at bedtime.

Photo tour with Julie Vola

“Light is the most important elements in photography. When you take a picture of an object, or a subject, that means you capture the light on it”. That’s how Julie started her workshop. No fancy camera required, all you need is your curiosity and the will to capture great moments of your travels strolling around with Julie.

Laughing Yoga with Mr. Vinh

Make an effort, get up in the early morning and come to experience this unique activity and get to know the real Hanoi, Vinh, our expert, will guide you how to be happier and to load full of energy every morning, this is without doubt a life-changing experience.

The love for Coffee

“I love to see the satisfaction on someone’s face when they take their first sip of our coffee in the morning, when I see them forging new friendships and existing ones, when they taste the love of our process. Unknowingly to them I am enjoying the same cup and it also makes my senses come alive”

The language of needle and thread

Ever since she could hold a needle, Tram’s grandmother taught her to stitch so that she in turn fell in love with the creative process of merging designs, textures and colors to create master pieces. After school she started working as a graphic designer but never quite experienced the same fulfillment she did from embroidery.

Art of seeing

Awake your sense of “seeing things” may sound strange since we see all the things, all the time, but maybe it’s not hundred percent true, we still learn to see from time to time.