The Elusive ‘Heart Sense’ Activities of Sens Asia Travel

Sens Asia benefits from a corporate culture that has long instilled a tradition of supporting socially disadvantaged communities and championing environmental causes. We have a very clear goal: As the business grows we want to keep sustainability and responsible tourism at the heart of our operations. The whole concept of Sens Asia is centered on the senses and how we experience travels through seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and hearing.

For us, Heart is that elusive sixth sense, the’ hidden’ factor felt through activities that are beneficial to the community. We define Heart as the feeling you get from giving back and supporting the local people you will come to know and love, by making a difference while you travel.

Sens Asia Travel has long established its support for travel activities and programs that promote social responsibility and encourage our guests to join hands in giving back to the local community wherever and whenever possible. Several of the noted activities included in our sixth sense ‘Heart’ are:

  • Dining at KOTO restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. Learning should be passed on, knowledge is meant to be shared. This is the essential idea on which KOTO is founded. KOTO (which stands for Know One, Teach One) is a non-profit center giving at-risk and disadvantaged youth the possibility to learn and thrive in their lives. Choosing a ‘road less travelled’ rather than a traditional one, the vision has always been to create a clear pathway for trainees to move from unemployable youth with low self-esteem to confident, empowered young hospitality professionals.
  • Seeing hand massage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Seeing Hands Massage Project, like no other spa in Phnom Penh, is certainly one of the most enjoyable ways of supporting local charities in the city. In a country with no social security, the training and employment provided by the centre allows blind Cambodians to support themselves with dignity.
  • Tak bat in hertigate town of Luang Prabang, Laos. Tak Bat, the Buddhist Laos monks’ morning collection of food in Luang Prabang, is a living Buddhist tradition. It is a key way for monks to maintain their vows and for Buddhist laypeople to practice their faith and gain merit for the afterlife.
  • ‘Healing the Wounded Heart’ shop in Hue, Vietnam. This is a special boutique tipe store run by disabled artisans who create beautiful items from recycling discarded materials. Proceeds from the sale of any item in the shop is donated by the disabled artisans to help fund heart surgeries for people born with congenital heart disease in Central Vietnam.