Alliance Action for a Green Halong

We actively support the protection of the Halong Bay eco system through our sister company, Bhaya Group. Under the banner of their Halong Green Initiative program, they instituted large cleanup events in the bay, which seeks to align all stakeholders with the sole purpose of environmental preservation. These events have been widely lauded and have gained significant momentum with the participation of institutional partners like IUCN, USAID, Local NGO’s and Government Representation.

One of the key achievements has been contributing to the banning of the use of polystyrene, which is a cacogenic substance that has the potential to cause cancer. The importance of initiatives like these cannot be underestimated and neither can the role of the business sector to keep highlighting issues that affect the environment and livelihood of local communities. We are proud to participate and support initiatives like these and contributing our voice and resources where appropriate.

During the last two cleanup events, we removed circa 1,399 kgs of garbage that would otherwise still be floating around, polluting our seas. This is a huge achievement when one considers that man-made items like plastic and polystyrene never really integrate or break down. We are therefore incredibly proud of Bhaya Group and our collective team’s achievements.