Sustainability Policy

Sens Asia is committed to sustainable business practices and here with clearly define our goals and objectives. Our annual report, to be published on our website, will seek to identify areas for improvement and subject the outcomes to ongoing review. Sens Asia Travel’s Team Commitments Sens Asia Travel’s Community Commitments Sens Asia Travel’s Internal Environmental

Animal Welfare Policy

As a leading travel specialist in South East Asia, we believe we have to set a standard for responsible and sustainable travel. We just completed a full review of all the animal sanctuaries we associate with in line with our objectives, which are to avoid promoting any kind of unacceptable practices involving ‘animal tourism’. In

Child Exploitation Policy

Sens Asia, without fail, endeavors to make a positive contribution to a strong and safe community and recognizes the right of every child to stay safe. This statement seeks to reaffirm that Sens Asia understands its responsibility in regards to the promotion of non-exploitative practices that involve children. The statement establishes a framework clarifying the

Environmental Policy

Sens Asia recognizes its responsibility to ensure that good environmental management practices are in place in all its offices. This forms a fundamental part of our vision to have an integrated and sustainable business model. Sens Asia aims to continue improving its environmental performance by: Complying with all environmental legislation. Carrying out assessments of the