See All Eat Well series

If you hold to the mantra that “you must taste a culture to understand a culture”, here are the best gourmet trails that Sens Asia Travel has curated to fill your plate. In this See All Eat Well series, we bring you to all iconic sights while tasting the authentic flavors and stay in top stylish hotels of Southeast Asia.

In Vietnam, the land of surprises, travelers can expect a 12-day adventure from Hanoi in the North all the way to Vinh Long deep in the South. Equally unique, the culinary and cultural experiences in Northern Thailand let travelers explore the bustling cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai to catch an authentic glimpse into the past and present of the country, its people and its world-famous cuisine. Those looking to take some time for themselves can join a relaxing trip to Luang Prabang, the former royal capital of Laos and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Cambodia, travelers can experience one of South East Asia’s most remarkable wonders, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.

The ‘See All Eat Well’ tours are available in join-in option where travelers could join others to create small group tours for specific departures as offered. Another exciting feature introduced by Sens Asia Travel, for the first time ever, is the hop-in and hop-off option from different connecting points among the 4 countries (and counting) in Southeast Asia. Avid travelers will find it easier than ever to combine favorite journeys across the region and match them with your expected travel date and create a perfect tour package in Southeast Asia in just a few clicks.

Our ‘See All Eat Well’ brochure for 2018 is available below with details on departure dates & pricing options. Click the download button to store the document for offline reading and start planning your next vacation.