Original Asia Tours

As the most populous continent, with well over half of the earth’s population, it is no surprise that Asia is so culturally diverse.

Asia remains a deeply spiritual place and is home to a rainbow of religions. Every major world religion is represented here, along with many other fascinating belief systems. Hinduism remains integral to India, but has also taken hold in Bali of Indonesia. Islam is at the heart of Malay society in Malaysia and represented across most of the islands in Indonesia. Christianity remains strong in The Philippines, but important Christian communities can also be found in Vietnam. Buddhism is widespread, including in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Although these major religions have taken hold across the continent, the original Animist belief systems, which support the existence of a spiritual essence in the mountains, rivers and forests, are still very much present.

Religion and culture are inseparable, and the colourful cultural mosaic of Asia is reflective of this fascinating religious diversity.