Our Philosophy

We believe that travel should be shaped by people: the product developers that craft the experience, the travelers who enjoy the experience, and the local people who are affected by the experience. By allowing input from all angles, we know that the tours we offer are allowed to constantly evolve and develop. As people change, so too do our travel experiences. The travel experience itself is the core of our company, and we spend a tremendous effort making sure that everything we offer is always of a premium quality, the result of various stages of invaluable feedback.

Also key to our philosophy is the belief in the benefits of direct relationships. We’ve cut out the intermediaries to ensure two important things:

  • Firstly, this means we can promise that our prices remain competitive – when you buy with us you buy direct from the provider of that tour and nobody else is taking a cut.
  • Secondly, it means that we guarantee that the quality of the tours is always high. We are able to manage quality control as the tours you take are the tours that belong to us – we never purchase tours for resell.

Cutting out the middle people hasn’t been easy, but instead we have an experienced team of representatives all over the world to be your point of contact. Likewise, we also have a dedicated team of product developers in the location sites who are passionate about the development of the tours themselves.


Through focusing on the product and understanding the value of a direct relationship, we craft unforgettable experiences. We don’t just craft a journey for you to take on the outside, but also one for you to experience on the inside. You’ll come back from your trip forever changed, see the world in a whole new light.

Our Core Values

1. We Believe in Excellence Service

Delivering excellent service is the key to Sens Asia Travel. Each traveler has a different set of ideas and requirements, so being aware of this we set out to tick all the boxes you see as important. Whether it is helping you create your holiday plan or answer your queries promptly, we are there for you and welcome the chance to assist. We are constantly reviewing our performance to ensure we are meeting the high standards we demand of ourselves.

2. We Have Passion

We are here because we love to travel. We have lived, loved and breathed travel for as long as we can remember, and each one of our dynamic staff shares this burning passion. The best reassurance for a excellent travel product is that the people who built the product went out to do the best job possible and understand his/her client’s needs.

3. We Are As Curious As You

All our team member have a sense of curiosity. That is one main reason we all love to travel. As a result, we are constantly on the lookout for new things, places, events and people we may be able to incorporate in our products. None of our products are static and rigid, but rather open ended ‘works in process’ as we constantly look, discover and improve.

4. We Listen

Our lifeblood is good communication. Internally, we encourage people having more face to face or verbal discussion instead of email and chat. Our travellers tell us their ideas, plans and expectations and we listen, consult and then deliver. We are open and honest to make sure we deliver what we have committed to. With a good communication across Sens Asia internally and externally, everyone is on the same page.

5. We Respect Local Culture and the Environment

Asia is our home, we are part of the local society and embrace the culture of the place. We respect local culture and at the same time we are giving back to the local society to make sure our home has a sustainable development.

We use 100% local staff.
We give back to the community via our Heart Activities.
We support local enterprises.
We actively contribute to the People of Asia Foundation to make a better future together.

Our Services

Personal Journey Planner

Take the hassle out of traveling with the support of your personal journey planner through whom you can create a bespoke itinerary, catering for your every wish.

Small Group Departure

If you would like to meet new friends whilst exploring mystical places, we have just the tour for you. Join us as we embark to exotic locations with our best pick of guides and small group tours.

Hotel Booking

As a preferred partner with hotels across Asia you can have your dream holiday at the best price.

Free and Easy packages

Let us take care of the details whilst you enjoy your holiday without a care. Whether it be arranging hotel transfers, private rentals or guide services we are here to help.


As an official partner for many global, regional and domestic airlines we can help you arrange all your flights across Asia.


We can help you secure your visa for your next trip with the click of a button. No more waiting in line or taking time off work.