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Let’s meet Sens Asia travel team: a motley mix of dreamers and realists, innovators and organisers. We are here because we love to travel. We have lived, loved and breathed travel for as long as we can remember, and each one of our dynamic staff shares this burning passion. The best reinsurance for a excellent travel product is that the people who build the product went out to do the best possible imaginable and understand his clients’s needs.

Bui Linh
Managing Director

Started traveling around the world in my early 20s, I have been moved by the power of travel and decided to develop my career in tourism. My passion for the last 14 years in the industry is to promote, introduce and connect people and places. I travel for travel’s sake and to experience the every trip I

Deepti Rawat
Thailand Journey Planner

Graduated in hospitality and business administration, I have been working with destination management companies for the past 3 years as Thailand market specialist. I was born in India in a state known as “Land of God”, a famous tourist attraction due to its natural beauty. As a kid, I used to interact a lot with

Hung Le
Regional Product Manager

10 years ago I did the trip of my life around Asia across different countries where I met various culture and gained new experiences. After it, I decided to dedicate my passion for travelling to the creation of meaningful and emotional products for tourists in Asia. To me, travelling is not only the journeys of

Jompalaphon ( aka Jom)
Thailand Journey Planner

One of the many project I followed at university consisted on a study on tourists’ behavior in Thailand. I ended up living in Pattaya for a year and discovered that people only know Thailand for the beaches. I felt like the lack of advertisement in my country overshadow the possibilities it can offer. I’ve been

Malaysia Journey Planner

I am from a small town in the middle of the Borneo Island. To me, that place is simply special and filled with great people. In the same way, I believe Malaysia is a beautiful country to visit, both Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia, it gives you the chance to meet, know and understand the Malaysian

Linh Do
Asia Journey Planner

My motto is “Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler”. Ever since I graduated in Travel Administration, I’ve been working first as tour guide and then in the office planning tours logistics. After 12 years of working in the industry, I now realize that my passion for travelling will never end. For this reason I

Manan Mahajan
India Expert

Energy and panache are the fuel of my ventures. I’m a go getter, with an eye on maximizing the sensory impact of the colorful experience that is India! My blend of intrinsic planning and fun flair guides my teams and helps achieve new highlight with each new venture that I undertake. I have multiple insights

Laos Journey Planner

Honest and passionate, I am always up for new challenges. I joined SensAsia team 2 years ago and since then I’ve been enjoying planning trip for customers as well as looking after the realization of the perfect journey. My philosophy is as simple as this “I have to see things in order to advise to

Ravinder Gairola
India Journey Planner

I’m the face of active and experiential holidays in Scandinavia, I combine my adventurous and sporty spirit to my tourism profile, I’m at the helm of active tours that go off the beaten tracks involving cycling and hiking. I blend my knowledge of what makes India tick to my flawless execution on the ground, with

Laos Journey Planner

Smart, enthusiastic and hardworking, I’ve been in the industry for 7 years. My experience makes me always give the best advice for my clients: I can show you the best cycling routes throughout the country, I can escort you during a hard trek, I can teach you about Hmong culture and have a couple of

Trang Le
Journey Planner

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” – St. Augustine. People read the book in different ways, some only glance at the cover; some skim through the pages; and some read between the lines to find hidden meanings… My personal thought, “read the book” then use senses


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