5 Things We do For Earth this Summer 2017

At Sens Asia Travel we recognize that each one of us can have an impact. Therefore we are launching a campaign “5 Things We Do for Earth this summer” – Five Actions with One Aim, which is to reduce our footprint in the world. This campaign also emphasizes our effort to strengthen our commitment as we join Travelife.

E-waste collection in Hanoi will be the very first action in a series of 5 green actions from Sens Asia Travel team this summer! So what Sens Asia Travel would like to do is to help you make the Earth healthier by collecting as much E-waste as we can and dropping it off to recycling facilities in Hanoi.

After 15 days of spreading the project, Sens Asia Travel proudly announced that our E-waste box has been filled up with more than 20kg of E-waste (2 laptops, 5 smartphones, dozens of the battery chargers and numerous other electric devices). All the E-waste then will be delivered to Vietnam Recycling Platform (VRP), an organization founded to reduce electronic waste, increase recycling and manage the environmental, health and safety impact of products at their end of their life cycles. There, discarded electronic devices will be recycled in a proper and responsible way.